Hypocrisy of Thoughts

Written by: Ahmed Rashwan

Finally we are here
Do we stand mighty and strong?
Warriors but without swords

Finally we are here
Do we shake the ground we stand?
Powerful but without strength

Finally we are here
To the land of the heroes
With blood that spells disgrace

Finally we are here
To the land of the leaders
With tears that spell shame

Let us follow and never lead
Let us march after the tyrants
The blind’s man stick is more help

Let us not ask questions
Nor answer any of them
Stay quiet, we are the mute

We cannot hear the insults
Exploding behind our ears
Keep ignoring, we are the deaf

Dig our holes and fall in them
We cannot see what is under our nose
Never look front, we are the blind

Let us die for injustice
Let us kill for inequality
With violence, we can better the world

Let us raise the sword on our brother
Let us spill the blood of our mother
After all, what is family?