Rocky Roads

Written by: Jodie Steward

What do you do with a friendship
That mainly lives by the past,
How can one just start over
Making a new one truely last.

There's many stories told
Plenty of fights and regret,
Wanting only to be happy again
But prior pain won't let you forget.

Talking about it don't work
All new efforts you both try,
But, its always the same ending
As each new day goe's by.

Thinking its now just a lost cause
Yet feel there's something yet to do,
For your life and heart feel empty
When there's silence between you two.

There's just no more compromise
Its much to late you know,
Your heart won't accept it at all
Nor can you find the courage to let go.

So because of pure stubborness
You move on in much defeat,
But, inside you truely knowthe truth
They can't be replaced with new people you meet.

Remembering where there's a will
There's always gonna be a way,
The friend you have right now 
Will by your side forever stay.

No matter how hard it's been
The road so very rough,
Friendship will forever prevail
If we want it and dont give up.