Rosetta Stone

Written by: Daron Long

You’re my Rosetta Stone
you make everything
make sense to me
A rising light
unto my heart
Shine your smile
into my eyes
once more
So that I may see
all that I’ve ever
longed to be
I’ve been waiting
so long for you
I’ve built who
I want to be
around you
Off into the distance,
far out at sea,
or up into the heavenly skies
past the points of infinity
my love for you can dwell
as it knows no limits
Hope and happiness
flow through my veins
with the love of your lips
or a touch of your hand
Watch our souls
as they intertwine,
as yours becomes 
one with mine
Always they shall be together
like your hand in mine
Til the end of time
you shall be mine
My love
My life
My one
My only