Written by: Lindsay Laurie

Fishing along the Tambo,
Hoping for a feed of Bream,
Getting annoyed by tiddlers,
Stealing my bait on a whim.

Holding my rod and waiting,
The bite is quick as a flash,
One split second too late,
The bait is gone in a dash.

Fishing along the Tambo,
The Cliffs have got a good name, 
Sand worm, prawn are soon missing,
The tiddlers are at it again.

Fishing along the Tambo,
Walk up through the Lucerne Patch,
Cast my line to the middle,
And it’s still tiddlers I catch.

Stand under the Swan Reach Bridge,
At last a bite I can feel,
Winding until the line does break,
And cursing a Conger Eel.

Fishing along the Tambo,
At Sardine Flats, Bream are size, 
They’re even bigger on Rough Road,
But tiddlers are telling me lies.

Fishing along the Tambo,
The Johnsonville jetty is great,
Big Bream swim ‘round the pylons,
But tiddlers fall for the bait.

My last chance is at Punt Road,
Lake Victoria lies up ahead, 
Perhaps Bream are at the mouth, 
But they’re at the Cliffs it’s said..

Fishing along the Tambo,
And once more it is in vain,
My first cast is full of hope,
But tiddlers are biting again.