Not Defined

Written by: Louise Picek

Not defined,
by the man that is lacking from my arm,
the nights I sleep alone,
the lack of two kids,
a home with a picketed fence,
there is something more to all of this.

Not controlled,
by the number of men I knew,
the life that drew me in,
that tore my soul,
let go,
helped me soar.

Not alone,
even when the wind howls in the night,
and the cold chills my bones,
when tears fall down my cheeks,
no one to wipe them away,
there is still a comfort holding me.

Not afraid,
when my past tries to attack my face,
make me look like a disgrace,
try to cut me deep within,
make me bleed from the core,
but the wounds do not spill anymore.

Not valued,
by the number on the scale,
the length of my hair, 
the milkiness in my skin,
the brightness of my smile,
I am worth so much more.

Built to fight,
I stand against the norm,
live without regret,
know there is always someone here,
that the scars are truly healed,
created priceless with a purpose.