Written by: Robyn Blauw

I woke up at twelve
In the middle of the night
All right around me
The strangest of lights

I went to the window
And there just outside
A man was there looking
A wink in his eye

He beckoned me forward
I walked in a spell
No sense of some danger
No fear I could tell

The wind seemed to pick up
Am swept off my feet
Am carried along now
With clouds for a seat

My life in a trance now,
My body weighs nought
The stars that are shining
Beam out like a torch

The glitter of stardust 
With a life of its own
Lights up the night sky
I’m not here alone

Slowly so gently
The wind gives a puff
I land in the curl
Of a shiny white cuff

I lift up my head now
And there right above
That man with the wink
A smile that shows love

I sit there in wonder
I’m safe and cocooned
I call out my greeting
“Hello Mr. Moon”