Big Western Sky

Written by: Lindsay Laurie

The breeze that is blowing, softly disturbing the grass,
Tosses a loose leaf, tumbling and turning, as it drifts past, 
Has now abated, leaving a stillness. A lovely spring outback quiet,
Broken by a flock of galahs, flying somewhere to sleep for the night.

The sun that's been shining all day with a backdrop of blue,
Sucking life from the land, drying and changing the hue,
Turns to a red circle, like fire waving farewell to the land,
Casting long shadows, inducing campfires, darkness begins to expand.

The saltpan dead gums look stark and are silhouette black,
I don't hear birds just the bat, with their natural radar attack.
The world seems so settled, one star then another up high,
When the last light is fading, and leaving this big western sky.

With the light leaving, everything turns into the shade.
Frogs croak in the billabong, now beetles and moths are displayed.
Distance is closing, black shrouds fading red, a yellow dogs howl passes by.
It's time for billy tea, tales of the past, 'neath the stars of this big western sky.