Written by: Ovidiu Bocsa

My verse is a playful pet ready to make  somersaults
Around each poet who smiles,
Around each poet who cries,
Around the sleeping muse,
Around the tender night,
Around the flowers ,
Around the singing-girls,
Around the clouds,
Around the earth,
Around the pastures of the heaven,
Around the candles.

One day I`ll catch the breeze,
I` ll caress the sea,
I`ll caress your sweet smile,
I`ll caress the wrinkles of the good ancestors...
I`ll caress the hot sand and the bones of  the invisible desert,
I`ll caress the tree and the grass,
I`ll caress the green silence...
I`ll caress the trembling light of my dreams.
I`ll reach myself after a long life running.