A Love worth describing

Written by: Taj Keeler

My heart is as soft clay in your hands
My soul dances with the beat of your heart
I patiently wait each day  to hear your soft  voice
I yearn for the slightest touch of your fingers
Every night I lie awake thinking about your love
Dreams of you flashes through my mind 
as a shooting star flashes across the sky
I am captured by your love, and knitted together by hope
You are my early morning sun rise, and my happiness in my day
Time may age us, but time will not stand in our way.
My passion for you runs deep into the belly of my heart
No matter what comes in our way
I will serve you, crave you, and love you
It doesn't matter how far I'm away
To be honest you may forget many things I have said
but please remember that I'm yours for the rest of my days.