Dawn Rises on the River Bend

Written by: Lindsay Laurie

'Tis still beneath a cloudy sky
Where the rivers flowing gently by,
Red Gums live an artists dream,
Dead brothers…lifeless in the stream.

Reed beds brown along the bank,
Have winters chill now here to thank,
As does the willows, yellowed leaves
About to fall with freshening breeze.

Shadows blur below the shimmer…
There's a ring of waves, a leaping swimmer!
Wood Ducks glide before their wake.
Passed a houseboat tethered to a stake.

Cormorants with laborious flight
Interrupt a Noisy Mynah’s fight,
And Pelicans unmoving seem,
As they gently glide upstream.

The mist no longer rise’s white.
The sun breaks through with lemon light…
Bend in the river looks forlorn,
As day takes over from the dawn.