Unborn Baby

Written by: Ellioza Nacionales

My eyes is open but I can't see anything 
I try to extend my hands to touch 
But I don't have yet a hands 
All I do is wait for the time to come 
To know where I am and who I am 
Then one time just come,I hear a sound 
"Congratulations,you have a healthy baby isnide your womb" 
My heart beat faster hearing those words 
And if this woman feel me with her hands she will know how excited I am 
But mama...Why did you drink 
Something that makes me sick? 
Didn'nt the doctor tell you its bad? 
For the baby breathing inside your stomach, 
Mama, I really want to understand you for what you do 
But your heart telling me, not too 
Because showing me in your world 
Is not really what your heart and mind want. 
Now my eyes dont have anymore a chance to see 
Because its now closing as my breath is slowly takin 
Without showing me the place 
Where everyone else stay.