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The Stand A trash dump find

Here in the trash I found a wonderful thing,
Slightly sticking up from the furniture bin.

Covered in dirt with four legs and a stand,
Was a wonderful piece that needs my hand.

I reached down to grab it from within the trash,
I noticed a beautiful ruffled bright sash.

The sash was bright yellow wrapping the leg,
So I pulled it all out to see what I had.

To my amazement I found a wonderful petina,
A flowery design of old paint like verbena.

I unwrapped the sash so very carefully,
As I set it on the ground, it sets perfectly.

I put it in my truck to take this home,
A wonderful piece to fix up and call my own.

Did some careful washing and scrubbed the sash clean,
That yellow sash would look great with the light green.

Moments went by as I brushed on some varnish,
Then let it dry before I added the sash garnish.

Now, with a slight curve from the bottom of the legs,
A beautiful planter stands with a sash around the edge.

This is my story of a lone Saturday trip to the dump,
Never knowing something like this was hiding in that clump.



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  1. Date: 4/20/2014 3:58:00 PM

    Great write, I love when someone can weave a beautiful tale from every day events or even ones that do not sound like the greatest things to be doing!!! This also gave me an idea for one I may write later! Cheers
  1. Date: 4/18/2014 8:30:00 PM

    Great poem Don, took me back to my younger years when my brothers and I used to spend hours at the local dump, and the things we came home with was unbelievable, mind you most of it was absolute rubbish, great write.....Vera.............
  1. Date: 4/18/2014 9:58:00 AM

    When I was a kid we spent many hours at the dump looking for treasures. One time we found beautiful crystal candle sticks. My sister still has them.
  1. Date: 4/18/2014 6:00:00 AM

    Donald, I've always wondered, what could be found at a dumpsite. I suppose, a treasure,... Never furniture.I formerly found a leg stool, in the attic in a home I rented many years ago. No, dump,... However, I remembered it was cute. I bought the material, to varying the old upholstery. Guess, what? When ripping the old one, I found shredded bills inside... \ LOL, strange huh. Too bad, it was too shredded to make out what kind of bill is it was. Nice poem, I never know what's hiding in strange places..XOX~ Linda
  1. Date: 4/17/2014 10:24:00 PM

    hey, what a cute poem you got from this great find!!! I like your story. One man's garbage is another man's treasure!
  1. Date: 4/17/2014 5:38:00 PM

    Great stuff David. my bro in law always looking around on other peoples rubbish, he finds some wonderful things. Loved your poem, my friend.....Peter
  1. Date: 4/17/2014 2:53:00 PM

    My wife and I are in the furniture restoration biz and there's something poetic about finding an old discarded piece that just needs a little love. We like your story.
  1. Date: 4/17/2014 1:10:00 PM

    Wonderful Donald...My good friend is a garbage man and you wouldn't believe the treasure's he finds...Tim
  1. Date: 4/17/2014 9:59:00 AM

    :) Never underestimate someone. I like this.
  1. Date: 4/17/2014 9:55:00 AM

    Donald, we never know what we will find at a dump. I brought some trash to the dump once and found a perfectly clean address book that I have used for decades. Bet that sash would look pretty beneath an Easter bonnet! Best wishes for a Happy Easter, Carolyn
  1. Date: 4/17/2014 9:23:00 AM

    Nice! One man's trash, anothers treasure. Sit-sat..who knows..I enjoyed you poem.BG