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Two Things You Never Talk About At Work---Politics and Religion

Things might just turn out alright...

Long as we own the ability to see through political "solutions" and recognize 
Things might not be so bad...

With so many people waking up to see that following is not the only way.
Ideology can be toxic.
Why not take back your mind, at such a dark turning point? 
Or not, but do what it is that you need to do, 
besides simply obey, 
give up and say,
"Why have a brain when I can have ideology?
If in your gut, you know organized religion is a business 
that is an insult to the gift of human free thinking...
or become self selected for gullibility.

Things may still go sour if we...
adopt a religion that fits our lifestyle,
and suddenly, 
BAM! We've got all the answers, 
just refer to the catechisms,
to seek and destroy, and banish to hell, the non-believers.
Call them names if they do not convert to your way of living,
your way of thinking, 
your way of happiness. 
Refer to them as lowly atheists, Exibit A: "Who not to be."

But atheist, don't you dare whisper a bad word of the "good book",
written for man, 
written by  man, 
or rather by invisible god, 
no one has physically met. 

I Say,
If you feel god is real, and 
You love and need religion,
Do it Fluid like a Stonehenge Druid!
Have faith and walk with the Lord! 
Please, please, do not judge those who do not choose to think as you do.
There are better things in life than arguing
politics and religion,
the two grandest forms of division in the world!
And there are two things you never talk about at work, 
Religion and Politics.
----------------------------------------------good thing we aren't at work:)



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  1. Date: 8/20/2014 9:18:00 PM

    I have my own believes and respect others believes politically and spiritually.Being different is healthy..unless the different means being extrimist in any type of ideas.I love your mind.
  1. Date: 8/20/2014 6:50:00 PM

    I continue to love my religious friends. We are all in this together.
  1. Date: 8/20/2014 6:47:00 PM

    Right on, write on, Brother Joey. I will sometimes (almost unfortunately) still talk religion and politics at work or anywhere I go, because I sometimes have a filter problem. Basically, yes, it is usually a futile endeavor. Politics and religion can very well be the greatest divisions of the world .... hmmmm, but didn't borders enable politics, religion, banks, etc, to become more polarized and centralized in the first place? Wotever the case might be, I believe that religion is a middleman.
  1. Date: 8/20/2014 9:28:00 AM

    When I came across your title I immediately clicked on it. I can truly attest to the experience of this. And I must say, "Lesson learned." lol...I enjoyed this to the fullest!!!
  1. Date: 8/20/2014 8:56:00 AM

    Your title is funny to me because people at my job are almost all the same religion and so they talk about it! And when I tell my doubts to some of my closest friends there, they are so understanding, and that makes me feel very good about the kind of people they are. I like the stanza about the Druids. Fluid like a druid. hahaha. Didn't they do sacrifices sometimes? I want to read your other poems but my homestay girl just called me and I gotta pick her up at the place she stayed last night!
  1. Date: 8/19/2014 11:35:00 PM

    Yes sir, yes sir you got so clear! Fell one more tree and turn that mighty pen toward the religion of humanity. PC intimidation is such a steaming pile that most folks just steer clear and give it a smile. Rock on JS!