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A furious Bush gave an urgent speech at the UN Headquarters
demanding that they must search beneath the Babylonian 
soil and bring proof of any hidden nuclear weapon;
Brian Haw, as many, honestly believed that there were none...
why didn't  Blair and Golden believe his words?

Soon Iraq was invaded and bombarded and as night got colder,
frequent explosions lit up the blackest sky of the Middle East,
but they did not kill Saddam: the bearded, tyrannical beast....
he would be found in a filthy bunker with a limited supply of food and water;
why did he flee and hide into that unlivable hole like a persecuted priest?      
His execution was horrendous, but justice was done for his crimes
and whether he had nuclear weapons and later dismantled them in secret 
to avoid sanctions and alienation: one thing is for certain he's no longer a threat;
he was loved by some, but hated by many...was his power based on lies?
An angry president was appeased, but a defeated tyrant had to meet a horrible fate!



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  1. Date: 4/13/2014 12:51:00 PM

    This is very profound. I kept up with the story of Saddam Husain. You ask - Why did he flee and hide? Because cowards always do. This was a great write. Thanks for sharing... Lucilla