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Down Around The Bend

The long nights 
And even harder days 
Left rigid impressions 
Beside the eyes on my face 
It's a measurement of time 
Between distance of space 
For a life spent
Like I was in a race 
Not one spent wisely 
Never at an easy pace
Instead I was foolish 
And ran it with haste 
Kinda like you would do 
If you were being chased 
You get my drift?
Run run run 
Till you can't no more
Then rest for less than a sec
And then you run some more 
Run till the running is done 
Then at the end
Realize it really wasn't that much fun
Or worth it 
For that matter 
And everybody else dreams 
That I managed to shatter
A long the way 
Excuse you 
What did I say 
Somebody else dreams?
How the **** you got the power to do that 
It's easy, keep putting **** in their reach 
Till they ass has to come back
Or they get sick
Like an inevitable trap 
That may never end
Its installed once 
And replays itself over and over again
Passed from generation to generation 
And family to kin 
Ain't nobody an exception 
Not a homeboy or your best friend 
Every mother****er's got the potential 
To get they ass drug around the bend 
Hauled off to the asylum
Or wind up in the pen 
For a life trapped in an under toe 
Fed by sin
Till the end my friend



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