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Would you trust a crock, To baby sit your child?
Would you trust a cobra, To guard you in the wild?
Would you trust a Lion, Safe keeping sheep at night?
Would you trust a bear, In the dark or the light?
Would you trust a thief, With a ten karat stone?
Or even a predator, With your kids all alone?
Would you leave your house, And not lock the door?
Would a crack user, Never smoke anymore?
Would you trust a liar, Never to deceive?
And for a politician, For no one can believe.
Would you trust the Devil, To tell you what is good?
When it’s clearly stated, The author of falsehood,
So how do ya trust Obama, Anytime day or night?
Cause a snake is just a snake, In any dark or the light.
And what about Muslims, Where is their alliance?
Do they worship God? Never! They are in defiance.
Their goal is abolish, Christianity forever,
With Obama as president. Their ploy is very clever.
So what is the solution, The other party to elect?
From frying pan to the fire,  An attempt to correct.
It’s not about the party, For most will all agree,
It’s being represented, By the powers that there be.
It’s not a brand new concept, To have your voice heard,
That’s why we fought the British, To have a spoken word.
You deserve or entitled, A socialist ideal.
Obama got elected, On that deceiving spiel.
I could go on and on, But I think I’ve said enough,
Cleaning up the government, Is gonna be very rough.



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