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Saved By A Wizard

Saved By A Wizard

It was beginning to get dusk,
the crimson red moon was out.
Eerie sounds, you could hear
while we were out and about.

Deep in the mist, 
Eyes glowed of red.
We heard a dark voice, 
This is what it said,

"You're both mine tonight."
I screamed, you grabbed me tight
both were full of fright.

He chased us with a butcher knife.
His face pale and white.
Screaming out of his lungs, 
We ran far out of sight.

We couldn't hide from him
He soon found us again 
deep, into the woods,
shaking, so deep within

He was angry he missed,
Then came after me instead.
He had just missed my head
with the blade, was pissed.

I felt his anger, as his hand slashed his blade
My skin was missed,  as he slashed and swayed.
He swung to the left, once to the right 
Moved us towards, an old gravesight.

There we heard the chanting of a witch.
Ravens and crows swarming above,
then that rotten witch, screamed, with a high pitch,
and the monster, gave a big shove.

Suddenly, we stood upon a hill,
 where the witch was suddenly still.
There stood a pot, burning upon a fire,
upon it hung a human wire.

Bodies swung upside down, 
flesh began to hit the ground.
She slowly raised them into the pot.
She had no extra room for us to hang.
All of a sudden, there was a loud bang,
Someone was standing in that spot.

A wizard stood, raising us in the air,
soon we both disappeared.
She couldn't find us at all.
At the goblins, she did hiss,
all they did, was throw a kiss 
She got angry and got her crystal ball.
In the crystal ball, she could not see,
 so she threw it hysterically.
Wizard appeared just in time,
 saving us both, from this line.

Crystal ball dropped into our hands 
the wizard laughed out loud.
Around the witch, was a huge crowd.
The wizard began to chant,
 which he then started to rant.

"Rain on her," he yelled, rain had fell.
"Tell me where are they,"she screamed, 
"I've looked far, wide, and in between."
"so me, you better tell."

The rain was too hot,
melted her away,
no way, would the goblins stay,
The wizard then picked up the whiskey, 
and took a shot.

by Melanie Palmer
      Mike Damavoltes

Author Notes

I enjoyed co-writing this poem with greektaki. Would like to thank him for taking his time to put this together.  He's a wonderful friend
© Melanie . All rights reserved, 8 hours ago



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  1. Date: 10/23/2014 1:41:00 PM

    Mike and Melanie, you have an extraordinary story behind this epic poem. You painted this chilling story so well in rhyme. What a delight it was to read it. I was captivated! I couldn't find Mike's version, so I hope he'll read the comment I left for you. It goes to my favorite poems and I wish you success in the contest. You are definitely a favorite poet for me as well.
  1. Date: 10/23/2014 1:35:00 PM

    AWESOME ! Soup mail, Melanie. Please have Mike submit it too. I've only received yours so far. Thanks for supporting the contest.