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Dark Staircase

I feel as if I have lived my life on a dark staircase.
If I move, I will have missed a step and it's that constant feeling of falling that never makes me take that step in the first place. 
But then he came into my life.
He filled that staircase with a soft yellow beam at first, until the beam turned into the white hot heat of the sun.
It was intense, too intense for my dark staircase, and it slowly started to disintegrate under my feet and I felt as if I was going to fall into the deep, dark abyss of my mind.
What he didn't know was that beautiful things could happen in the dark.
The moon emerges and the stars fill the sky with a soft white glow that can cocoon you in the blanket of darkness surrounding you.
He turned down his intense light, and I let a little light into my staircase and soon, I was taking steps up to the top, to be with him.
I always heard the saying, "if you lose people along the way, they were meant to be lost." 
I knew he wasn't ever worth losing, because he turned my dark staircase of a mind into something worth having. 
I wanted to destroy myself so no one else could do it first.
No amount of sleep in the world could cure the tiredness I felt day after day, week after week in that dark staircase.
How do you explain something you don't even understand yourself?
Now, I sit at the top of that staircase with him, and I feel like a Queen. 
And he is my King, and we rule the kingdom of darkness together. 



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