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In Praise Of the Heroines

No more running,
Its a curse to be a coward,
Instead here I stand,
Bold as you like,
Im prepared to fight,
Im prepared to win,
This war of ours,
And for once it will be me victorious,
And you on bended knee,
I can move on.

I’ll pick up the sword,
I’ll answer the call,
I’ll fight till i bleed,
I don’t care anymore,
Do your worst honey,
Ive seen it before,
Cut me down to size,
Make me feel pain,
Its no skin off me,
Not anymore,
Ive moved on.

Yes there was a time,
A dark and repressive time,
When I would of died for you,
I would of fallen,
In the manner of Dido,
On my sword,
But I know now that,
Like Aeneus,
You would have shed a tear,
And moved on.

There was a time,
A scary and regrettable time,
When I saw you as my saviour,
My knight in shining armour,
My Lancelot so to speak,
But i soon realised that,
If you were Lancelot,
Then I was the doomed and broken,
Lady of Shalott,
Admired by a vain and foolish knight,
Truthfully for my beauty,
But only after you stole,
The life from my body,
And moved on.

Oh you lecherous bore,
You insufferable bastard,
Im ready for you,
Do your worst,
Because I’ve come to be strong,
Im the Lady of Godiva,
You’re the grim Earl,
So have fun with your hounds,
Hades will miss you I’m sure,
The Powers will blind you,
When you see the compassion,
The brilliance and the innocence,
That i have kept hidden for too long,
Because honey,
Its time I moved on. 



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