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The Stars Remain Silent

From the ashes of superstition,
like a Phoenix we have risen!
As he puts on his White Lab Coat
of Unthinkable Wisdom.
In reality... yet constantly dreaming.
Under a microscope he tries to find meaning.
Building blocks of existence,
a scientist's relentless persistence
to become acquaintances with amoeba,
and lay to rest the concept of Jesus.
He freely yokes himself to Outer Space,
the new found teacher.
As human beings take the name
Foreign Creature.
Oh the absurd games we play!
The Rights of Men and Marriage Vows.
Have we not passed the primitive
worship of common cows?

... and yet consequently we set
up Courts for Carrots,
Lawyers for Lemons.
You think you can argue
for such a thin concept
as the Principles of Free Men?

Morality, she can take a coffee break
(it's only the future of everything that's at stake).
Whose to say that 2+2 doesn't equal five
when we can't even say for certain
that Man is alive.

As Mr. Wisdom
scratches his head and straightens his coat,
he so bravely boasts the edict of edicts:
pray tell what is Good and what is Evil?
Orbital Rotation spins his head around
and stubborn Gravity refuses to give him
the low down.

"I'd trade all the Hows for a single Why!
But the Universe never bargains.
Mirrors reflecting mirrors,
can't tip the scales in my favor
by the slightest margin."

Absolute Truths - we forgot 'em.
Your guess is as good as mine.
We the Soulless and We the Proud
so happily crossed line.

Our make belief code of ethics
simply cannot coexist with Darwinian Violence.
While we keep asking questions
answered two millenia prior:
Why am I here? WHY AM I HERE?
And the stars remain silent.



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  1. Date: 10/20/2014 3:30:00 AM

    Thanks Tim... LOVE it. You addressed so many things in this poem with insight and true wisdom. You know my feeling on this, and I thank you for your coercion to magnify it so well in this excellent piece.
  1. Date: 10/19/2014 8:27:00 PM

    excellent piece different timothy so many different pictures to choose from beautifully drawn dear friend
  1. Date: 10/19/2014 5:01:00 AM

    This is SO profound and DEEP, Timothy. The Creator God allows us to ask questions, but how it must pain Him. One day...all will be clear. You know my belief system mirrors yours. Great write, my dear.