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Dancing Numbers

            Dancing Numbers

Numbers dance in space upon the wall of distant nebulae
Lower digits do the limbo under digit trees on Earth
Produce a number of rumbas in the process
Baby ones and twos run through the branches to learn their steps
In the shade of day they count on memory to forget

Before the dawning of romance
Before attempting trips or splits   
Once set in motion growing 
Numbers never stop                                                       
Figures have no limitations

All numbers should be even 
Or at least equal to themselves
They make their way while 3’s distract 
Straight to the borders of the Cha Cha land
Rhythms follow in their dance and play
Shade from the whole numbered trees
Bridges peace from war while quartets practice
The calculus that seems so simply separated
Moves with them in tempo traction on the hollow beat
Served in triple time, on a bed of zero pillow, to sleep beneath

Beyond the cosmic wonders of the numbers
The sum of all their quantum parts
Ones and twos take place; take shape, in string quartets 
Fours are not alike.  None are the same
Tap stepping on the thinnest line of life

Tip toeing to the stars from far behind
The waltz is just a walk in structured measure
In step out there in hand with solid sevens on the edge
Half way to heaven as jazz plays on and on with pleasure
Numerals are merely numbers with another name who also play

Odd figures, outnumbered, outlawed by even ones  
Doing splits, without permits, perfect cascading cadence
Swirling one by one while spinning past the sun
Even ones outlive everyone 
While dancing upon the up above

Other numbers hide with their mistakes 
Tracked down, calculated, counted, after their ballet bows
They have their days cut short in age, then dance no more
Such digits suffer from arithmetic’s and numeric ailments 
Crunch the numbers numb, until the Gangnam dance is done



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  1. Date: 7/24/2014 11:13:00 AM

    Wow awesome write Earl! I like playing wid numbers always ,, believe in numerology too, hv read much of Cairo's !