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Trying to be more like you

Every day I try harder, to be more and more like you.
To brighten up everyone’s day, is all you seem to do.
I smile and I joke, laugh and I listen but nothing is ever quite right,
when everywhere I look and everywhere I turn I can’t get you out of my sight.
Why can’t I be more like you, to be perfect, like you always seem to be?
Especially when staring through the cracks in my mirror and you’re looking back at me.
I watch you in the reflections of windows and in the eyes of all my friends.
Only then to be upstaged by you, over and over, yet again.
You make it seem so easy, but deep down I know it’s fake.
You’re a liar, a cheat, a scoundrel and all you seem to do is take.
Take my friends and family away from me, why else am I all alone?
In a world of 7 billion, I still have no one to call my own.
But every day I try even harder, to be more and more like you,
to wash away peoples problems, to help them start anew.
I stare you down in my mirror, upon my bathroom wall,
hoping one day that you’ll show me, how to be a person with it all.
However now I realise, no matter how many times I ask,
that you’re never going to speak to me, for you are but a mask.
You are not real, you are but fake, a simple self-creation,
a perfect, better version of me, spawned from my imagination.
So every day I will try harder, to be more and more like you,
to hide behind the mask you are, in case the real me breaks through.



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