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We are the Tory Party,
and we are all millionaires,
But we do not care for
the disabled – if I see them
I will curse.
We have to make some
cuts – and target the welfare
But we must look after the
bankers – this mess they
did create!

We really do not care about,
the disabled that is true,
But with the help of Atos – 
your benefits we want from
We have to bully the disabled,
that is our guarantee,
Then when they’ve lost all
their benefits – I can have a
cup of tea!

We are the elite, and that’s
for sure,
But the deficit, now, we 
cannot cure.
We know in May of 2015,
we Tory’s will be history,
Now that really does upset
me – and now I need a wee!

We will soon take more money,
and give it to ourselves,
Because if we get caught 
we may be sent to the cells!
We also want more income – 
our pay is just too low,
So we shall hammer the welfare
state, our greed really will grow!

We call ourselves “honourable” – 
we know that’s a laugh,
But what we do in the Parliament,
is a load of naff!
We are also known as “LORDS” – 
that’s because we’re the boss;
But deep on down you all do 
know – we do not give a toss!

To be a politician – and distort
the nation’s vision – 
To line our own greedy pockets – 
is truly our own true mission!
We have got friends who are
just like us - in very high places,
And most of them are directors – 
in supermarket spaces.

To cook the books sounds very
tasty – please, don’t be hasty?
We can make a mint or two – 
and maybe join the Navy!
Join the Navy? Who are they?
All we want to do is drink Rum 
all darn day! 

But we don’t want to go to war –
we prefer to send other folk;
‘And we don’t care what does 
happen – we can all have a 
We thrive ourselves on invading
nations – that is our goal;
‘But one fine day, the day will
come – Parliament will fall.’

Yes, we are the Tory army – and
we’ll be out in May next year,
What is that you all say; ‘A bloody
great big cheer!!!!’

We understand quite rightly – 
we need an honest man in charge – 
And just one man sounds to fit
the bill -  the quite ‘Honourable...
Nigel Farage!’




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