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The Wise Of My Generation I

The Wise Of My Generation

Anger and frustration vented through words
like jagged edge swords they cut through the surface
of my limited knowledge of how the world works
of how The Wise of my generation
get trapped in the age of consumerism
a gentle euphemism for
"I am a tool, use me."

here take this line
good do you see it
do you grasp its essence
doesn't matter here's another one
oh you're not done with the last
sorry the new one is better
use the new one or be gone
but wait here's another one
nice little shiny line
formed into a polished rhyme
as ancient gods of modern times
sit down to whine as they sip from wine
oh wait
we are those gods and we do enjoy
breaking taboos of days long gone
so please may I cum
between your tits come
for a nice long fuck
and as you give birth to a monstrosity
the new baby jesus will amass a great
number of followers the old God dies
bitch don't you dare to cry
or I might just beat you
'till it's time to die
you know it's true
I'm so lonely without you
and who needs boring stories about morality
when this new line infused with blasphemy
makes you wet your panties, gets you hard
slide your penis into a vagina forget
about the complicated ways of romance
and cheesy rhymes where souls are shattered
and egos are held back lose yourself
lose yourself lose yourself
in the madness of flesh
because the only thing that matters is now
fuck yesterday fuck tomorrow
embrace the present ignore the rest
life is nothing more than a test
how bout that
you like it don't you
a sudden idea pops in my mind
and seeing that you're willing
to be blind lead on the path
I thread how about you
cherish this next few lines
about a lonely car that was
sold to a junkyard while
the car that just came out
the assembly line was brand new
the old car with all the memories
it held within its rusty parts
got destroyed crushed
left to rust in the junkyard
all the stars even the sun
shone their benevolent light
on the new car for what's new is better
what's new is a sturdy investment
well how's that for nifty little lines
sewn in poetry for the mind
while we're at it let's throw
some half thought opinions
about the depth and meaning of life
it's hard it's a process of strife
but if you manage to have might
you just might survive the hardships
lain in front of you



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