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A Girl From Darfur

I can show you where the brimstone sun has no remorse,
and where devils on horseback, have burned our homes, have pillaged our farms.
A killing spree,   the drum of guns, some tried to flee, but died,... each one.
The screams, I dream, the cries........the cries....... I try to mute the sound of them
For...,  I was there, I hid in fear,  was somehow spared, but now I look for 
something, ...something, ...something, here, ...someone to care.
 A bit of food, a bit of shade, such bitter fate, a world of hate. I have no shoes, I 
have no food....  but there is nothing, nothing, no one here.  Nothing is clear, my 
eyes are blurred, and the weight, this world, shouts out despair.
Where are the flowers that used to bloom, where are voices, that once I knew?
There are no flowers here...just flies, in shoulder-deep dust, and a hot orange sun,
that coughs up sounds of fear and guns, and swords and words against my ears, I 
live in fear with no one here. 
I'm just a girl,  or at least I was....    for just a while.

I was defiled, when found by one
who spared my life, but did not see, I'd rather die than be this girl, who feels the 
shame in being free.
I once had a mother, I once had a father, I once had a brother who made me smile
Where did spirits, lift and go, when the devils on horseback came to kill? Spilling the 
For thrill? For what? Where were the Gods? Where are the ones who turn their 
A desert of dust with blood red crust.  They poisoned our wells, burned out our land, 
ravished and raped, and relished their brand......, nomads came, leaving the shame, 
evil and horror came like rain.
Janjaweed, the name, I cannot say... I live with shame, a world, insane
I try to sleep, but I cannot........I can't forget and I am lost, the cost too much,
a swollen tongue and calloused feet,  across a land of bleached white bones
Alone, alone,....lost and done...a vanished one sees me  
There are no flowers, there are no trees, 
Famine as my lone companion, a pool of mud a home to stay,
Life drains out more every day, my belly eyes are parched,
and I can't tell
if I'm alive, or if I'm dead, dried up tears are what I shed....
Where are the flowers for my head? I've been scorned, 
all I have, and all I see is wind and rain, sorrow and pain
thorns, and dust, and a grave, that waits for me

Inspired By Cyndi's Challenge on Genocide 8/28/2014
Devils on Horseback – The Darfur genocide (ongoing) The Janjaweed (translated, 
devils on horseback) slaughter and rape the women, men and children of Darfur. As 
of today, 480,000 people have been “exterminated” and 2.8 million displaced.

Let's not turn our heads away from this, or from other atrocities being committed 
throughout the world.



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  1. Date: 8/29/2014 12:16:00 AM

    Carrie, great write, read it twice.....Seren
  1. Date: 8/28/2014 7:10:00 PM

    Carrie, this is so compelling, well written with a haunting beauty. It is hard to make myself look at this subject and write as you have. There is a typo you might want to correct in the sixth line from the bottom. Famine. It will be hard to beat this write.
  1. Date: 8/28/2014 6:08:00 PM

    Frightening and horrific. It's hard to believe in this time the world and it people are still butchered, and raped with abandon. The only justice for these barbarians is hell. Thanks Carrie for continuing to shed light on these atrocities. Jim