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I Remember

“I remember..” the old man said,
“When the first shot rang out,
When the rebels held their stead,
British bullets flew about,
Through our ranks they sped.”
Though soldiers fall and cannons shout,
The Flag flies proud and strong, no doubt.

“I remember..” a drummer boy said,
“When the blood of our country ran free,
When the Confederates called for forced labor's spread,
And the Union fought to end the smear of slavery.”
The feud soon caused brothers to fight 'til one was dead,
And still at the end not many could agree,
But the Flag still stood as a symbol of liberty.

“I remember..” a young nurse said,
“When wounded and bleeding they came,
When, though to revive I tried, they died instead.”
Axis and Allies caught up in a brutal game,
Destruction, death, and ruin wide spread,
The tale of battles won and lost proclaim,
The strength and power of the Flag to claim.

“I remember..” an old woman said,
“When Europe was torn in two,
Rather than peace, an Iron Curtain hung instead.”
The President's goal was to subdue,
The communist leader's lofty stead.
After waiting for the verdict overdue,
The Flag rose triumphant, great, and true.

“I remember..” a young man said,
“When they attacked us in Vietnam.
Pinned by fire, they meant to shred,
The hope of seeing home again,
Through jungle and brush we fled,
Our lives almost lost by trap and bomb,
Yet the Flag held its ground and force, even in 'Nam.”

“I remember..” a weary soldier said,
“When in the deserts of Iraq,
Upon the hornet's nest we did tread.
They swarmed on us with a counterattack,
But we stood our ground and then they fled.”
Though many may try to push us back,
The Flag is what our enemies lack.

“I am witnessing..” a general said,
“An enemy that hides behind a mask,
One that will brutally behead,
And kill as if it's a mandatory task.
The safety of the world hangs by a thread,
And it seems like the die have been cast,
But the Flag still stands strong, like it always has in the past.”

--This is a rondeau but has a few more rhyme schemes than normal--



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  1. Date: 9/25/2014 9:26:00 AM

    Nicely done Rondeau on conflict and courage, Adeline