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2 is often times left out,
because one is such a glory hound.
So, here is to our friend the 2.

We have 2 hands, 2 feet;  2 arms and 2 knees.
2 big toes that help to balance me.
2 ears, 2 eyes,
2 thumbs and 2 thighs,
2 calf's and 2 ankles on which we ride.
2 chins 2 cheeks or maybe that's 4
but we won't go there,  cause there's a whole lot more.

2 sets of fingers and 2 sets of toes,
2 sets of ribs and 2 elbows.
2 sets of knuckles that get scraped when we fall.
2 nostrils in our nose and that's not all.
2 shoulders and 2 hips and of course 2 of lips.
2 sets of eye lashes and 2 sets of teeth,
2 ear drums,  to hear people speak.

So the next time you think (one) is the best
you might think twice
and give 2 a test



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