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Angels Among Us


Boston`s terror is over, now people can sleep at night.
Lets send Prayer`s to all the families, and try to make things right.
Innocent people lost their lives, and some injuries we wont forget.
The angels did stand by their side, through every single bit.

Through all the terror that lasted 5 days, felt like a lifetime of fear.
It cancelled school and closed a city, and brought lots of people tears.
The children all got comforted, from their dads and their moms.
We all sat in disbelief, at the finish line from the bombs.

September 11th came through our mind, we hoped that we were dreaming.
Another set of terrorists, that was motivated by their demon.
We watched all the news reports, and couldnt believe the screen.
Innocent people getting hurt, then we saw the picture of the teen.

Not long after the photographs, the suspects were chased down.
One got killed and one got away, it was seen all over town.
The angels still spread their wings, they didnt give up without a fight.
The whole town was under lockdown, it was going to be a long long night.

The gunfire was so loud, you couldnt erase it from your mind.
Then there under a boat, the 2nd suspect the angels would find.
Blood surrounded the teen, he was weak from all the action.
Then 9pm they moved right in, the look was satisfaction.

The angels used their mercy, and all the fighting did decrease.
They had the suspect in custody, was the last thing they released.
A closure to a long week, that killed four and wounded many.
Thank God for the angels among us, they were our lucky penny.



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