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Abe Lincoln As A democrat

 Abe Lincoln As A democrat
© Ben Burton 8-25-2014

The evil of men being sold
Long past, since Mr. Lincoln's fight
Still, dark suspicion blooms and grows
And loots the cause of civil rights

The North designed a whipping horse
Down in the segregated South
Yet, Major Leagues were all up north
For eighty years, no blacks allowed

Conservatives, oddly accused
Of vitriol toward dark skin
A straw dog constantly abused
By those refusing to relent

Who wish to even up the score
A fool's revenge which has no end
For those deservedly abhorred
Are long-since dust, gone with the wind

But jess and al, those lib'ral whores
Still drudging up the Selma bridge
Are profiteers who need race war
Elsewise, their scheme would come unhinged

Though white as victim will not fly
Be they a Christian, even less
Tormenters need no alibi
Beyond one racial epithet

As long as liberals dictate
The mores of society
They'll uninspire and agitate
And harmony won't be achieved

It seems pure logic won't compute
In most who choose the lib'ral course
White guilt means ever-changing rules
A common core steeped in remorse

The proof of caring is by deed
Not pittances to win a vote
But teaching one how to succeed
Improves a nation as a whole

Libs deem most blacks incapable
Of intellectual pursuit
And, thus, provide mere staples to
A voting bloc dazed and confused

Both crime and anger, guaranteed
When life feels like a futile climb
They've food to eat, but cannot feed
The starving regions of their minds

While black Conservatives are scorned
Pariahs all, banes to their race
Despite those inner city born
Who prove one can control his fate

Ben Carson should be lionized
He and his brother beat the odds
Their single mom, a guiding light
While holding down two meager jobs

Don't ever look for Dr. Ben
With any lib'ral talking heads
You'll have to turn on FNN
The "face of hate," so say the nets

The greatest irony of all
Progressives are what they accuse
Behind closed doors, blacks are appalled
By almost every lib'ral view

And yet, they give their vital votes
To those who use the same playbook
They add some words, like "change" and "hope"
It's fifty years... just take a look

The only change is for the worse
The only hope is hopelessness
But blacks cling to the lib'ral purse
The very strings that caused this mess

They're taught Conservatives will bind
And slowly crucify their race
They buy the misplaced lib'ral lie
Slyly disguised as love, not hate

Libs dominate what's heard by blacks
The free networks all see to that
In time, our text books will redact
Abe Lincoln as a democrat



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  1. Date: 8/26/2014 8:44:00 AM

    Powerful stuff, Ben and sadly true. Sometimes I see a glimmer of hope, such as the good doctor. But mostly it is as you say. Power falls to the drive by media and empty promises. Really depressing, but a really great write. Thanks! Jim