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What It Is To Be A Mommy

I have the house to clean
but i don't know where to start
it seems as if a tornado came
and tore it all apart

it was my two year old little girl
with no attention span for toys
she dumps out all the Lego's
and throws them to make noise

her bath toys are floating
in her puppy's water bowl
her daddy's shoes stick to the floor
from her bubblegum on the sole

my laundry became her dress up clothes
even my Sunday dress
i had no time to hang them up
now my clothes are a mess

every drinking cup is dirty
with a juice of a different kind
i was going to clean up under the couch
but i'm afraid of what i'll find

her shirt is covered in peanut butter
her hands are a chocolate smear
when i went to wash her in the sink
she splashed soap up on the mirror

now soon it's time for dinner
but i cannot find her chair
i found it in the laundry room
now how did it get in there?

spaghetti sauce is in her hair
corn kernels speckle the floor
i'm losing all my patience
I can't take it anymore

i clean her hair and brush her teeth
now she is asking for ice cream
i shut my eyes and count to three
and try so hard not to scream

every day is the same kind of crazy
and i don't know what to do
but every night it makes me smile
when she says "goodnight mama.. I love you"



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  1. Date: 4/20/2014 11:39:00 PM

    Poor you, coolness. I did it with three--and no hubby to help--or does he? How about homework, and science projects, and Dr. visits, and so on. It sucks, and it you wouldn't trade it for the world, right? I get it. Like this a lot--but it wore me out :) Keep on, girl, doin fine! Hugs, Mel :)
  1. Date: 4/20/2014 10:11:00 PM

    I really like your simple and honest poetry Casarah, all in beautiful flow and rhyme, this is what I love to call poetry, and yippee, I can understand every word....Peter
  1. Date: 4/20/2014 1:12:00 PM

    - You have a busy day,Casarah - I think you're the most gentle mom! - (Mine are adults now ... but have four grandchildren) - A lovely poem :) - oxox // Anne-Lise :)
  1. Date: 4/20/2014 11:51:00 AM

    Ah you made me smile, what a such sweet poem!!
  1. Date: 4/20/2014 11:19:00 AM

    Fantastic...I have 4 and whenever they stay with me it is the same especially with my 4 year old....But they are precious.....hugs Tim
  1. Date: 4/20/2014 10:04:00 AM

    Goodmorning Casarha, i'm so happy to read this poem... My kids I love so much.. Especially the ending here...makes life worth while.. I will be back Monday, Happy Easter.... XOX~ Linda