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(Dedication: For Ann)

Spring rain dazzles in clear fashion;
Blooms now wrestle in grand passion;
Lovely juggle of fine action.

My lover comes to squeeze joy plain;
A lovely sum with profound gains;
We sing and hum with cares now slain.

Come let us go to seek fond space:
To greet the glow of love we trace;
With tryst that shows love in sure grace.

The moments here in happy pace
Is full of cheer with charms we trace;
Linger most clear, touch face to face.

Yes cheek to cheek as lovers touch,
Glimpses now peek on loving much;
A music peaks twin hearts as such.

And so we skip with lively feet,
Touch earthly trip upon this street;
For love now rips our sensuous heat.

No words can stay the course we take;
We while the day and night we wake;
Watch stars at play and eat our cake.

Time flavours time with clever charm;
Rhyme follows rhyme in steady farm;
Walk steadfast chime, waltz arm in arm.

A timeless span covers our smiles;
A treasure grand offers to style
Our souls' extend in passion's child.

New lease of life bursts forth to stay;
We do survive our sojourn play
Beyond mere strife to better days.

This mortal flesh must melt away;
And in a flash, our souls must lay
Old earth and dash to blissful sway.

See stillness here in pun and wit;
See love spark clear the path that fits;
See endless cheer that ever knits.

Love wears fond wings to seek bold skies
As stars now sing in myriad sighs,
To hurl and fling with love that cries!

Dusk waits for dawn, and gracious hum;
Night pines for morn, and grand outcome;
Lovers now spawn a lovely psalm.

Come now darling as love calls out;
Let's leave all things and shout fond shouts;
Heed the calling of surreal bouts.

Leon Enriquez 
17 Apr 2014



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