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Celina, you must be earth by now

Celina, you must be thorough earth by now,
Decomposed matter:
Food for plump plants and heavy earth worms.

We still gather, as we used to gather 
Together, the water lily tubers 
-nymphae petersiana- by their laboratory
Name but ‘Nyika’ as you used to know them

You will turn Celina, in your grave. Churn
With rage, Celina,
When you get this that they now gather the
Nyika together with us, and even Khumbi. 
And they now even trek with us to Thawalala, 
Malemia, Marka, 
Chindebvu, Chimombo, 
Nyachilenda, Nyamisale, Nyamadzele
Dinde and Ndamela.
Those same tapped legs Celina, 
No longer hallowed, but even barefooted; 
The feet burrow into the scorching sand.
Those same lips Celina, no longer speak 
Serendipitous sacrilege to us. But together we sing
The same songs, 
Celina that had us hiding and running.



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