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Written by: ashley ho      
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1am: me::you


i have loved and lent and lost
been touched in places where i bleed regret, where
my flesh has torn from the love for myself and for the love
they never had for me.
but you touch me in ways he has never
been able to
and this, x, this is blasphemy

it is illicitness how your breath echoes through the air into my
pleading lungs and please
come closer
please dont go

i love the way your hair is brown and
skips along the waves in my chest and
the way i can watch you for hours and
listen to the way the consonants in my name
ripple through the space between us i love the way
three letters can mean so much and
intertwine in tapestries in ways
you will never imagine

i watch your fingers tingle in the silence
and your feet move across the floor and i swear–
i have never seen anything as beautiful as the
fluidity of your body weaving through the sinews of time
into my heart
i have never felt so much as when you
move the wind around me
and carve emblems into my spine as you
show me how to braid my bones into yours.
i have never listened as intently as to the music
spiralling around your arms and the tender hum of your smile as
you explore your body in ways i wish i could and i have never,
never heard anything like this
and when i think of us i think of clashing melodies
but why does the melding of you and me sound so harmonious?

there is nothing as wrong as how much i think of you all the ****ing time
there is nothing as incompatible as you and me
and there is nothing as obscure as how this could never be

but right now all i know is that damn i think i like you a lot
and that god, x, you are /adorable/



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