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Dawn awakening

Awoken from fitful sleep, too uncomfortable to resume

Stifling heat prevailing one morning in early June

Through dawn's weakly strained golden haze

Fresh air my lungs desperately craved

To reach the front door, I descended the stairs

With door ajar, cooler air, under a fanlight glaze

My attention was alerted to warbling of a lonesome bird

One continuous note distinctly suspended, as in mid air

Uplifted my soul, as another bird's rendition I heard

With one accord, in duality, birds pitch perfect paired

Heralding in unison further bird answering calls

Culminating chorus of blackbirds, larks and song thrush thralls

Chirruping in octaves, as though orchestral blendings

Glorifying their earthly sojourns in joyous renderings

Listening, I stood in deep contemplation

As all industrial noise was still in cessation

All life in perpetuity as from centuries before us

I then realised,  I too had been called by




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  1. Date: 4/2/2014 12:55:00 PM

    Hi Theresa, nice to know you. I really admired the manner in which you were so poetically descriptive in your ode to the morning. Especially the name calling of all the bird species (I'm a bird watcher) I was emotionally caught up in it. Thank you for your comment on my "Sleep"