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Lord up above

In Lancashire Dialect

Lord up above in t' 'eavens,
Ah've a got a few problems down 'ere,
So to 'elp could tha' go seeking,
T' see if tha plumbin' is leakin'?

Ah'm askin' Lord , just t' mek Thee aware,
There's flooding most everywhere,
it's raining like mad down 'ere, Tha' knows,
An' we're sick o' wearin' wet clothes.

An' Lord, while ah'm on about it,
Ah thought it might 'elp to ask you,
If Tha's willin', gerrus a job,
Ah'm sick o' this shufflin' dole queue.
Me kids need some shoes t' go schoolin',
The wife could do wi' a frock or two.

We got nowt between us down 'ere Lord,
But we share what little we got
Life down 'ere ain't easy for us Lord,
But we're still an 'appy lot.

Folks is welcome across our threshold,
They can come an' go if they please.
Lord, we live a life that's simple,
So, come friend, an' rest at your ease.

© Dave Timperley April 2014



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  1. Date: 4/19/2014 8:01:00 PM

    Oh, I like this! very cute!