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The deceiver

He reaches out and 
grasps your hand 
as only a true friend can,
he pulls you close, 
to calm your fears
and then,
a whisper in your ear 

My friend, he breathes,
I'll keep your cold hand warm,
trust me friend and
I'll keep you safe from harm
if you will listen just to me, 
and only me, 
I promise, friend
I'll help to set you free

Let me in and learn to trust,
you'll not regret it, if you just
let me in and then pay heed
to what I say, friend 
hear my words but
just ignore my deeds

My words are what you need to hear
my friend, there's naught for you
to fear, I've got your back, I am your man,
for you, my friend, I have a plan

I only want what's best for you,
my friend, I'm the only one that's true
my friend
I'll keep your secrets locked away 
I'll always keep you from harm's way
my friend, this is your lucky day
it's true

The others are deceitful, 
friend, your heart means nothing
in the end, they care less for
you than I,
my friend,
for you, I'd gladly die

Can you let me in now
friend? It's cold out here,
and you don't want
to spend another night
alone, my friend
as it gets closer
to the end

My friend,
if you could only open up,
the door and then your heart to me,
you'd see, I promise it will be
a revelation just to you, from me

The secret, friend
I have for you,
no more guessing
if it's true
for soon,
you'll know what I know
too, my friend
I pledge to share
with you

No lie



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