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Desires of the night

As we sit benieth the pale moonlight,
we talk awhile, 
about the moments of the night.

Niether of us speaks about,
what each other knows.
Deep inside, for each other;  our bodies moan.

Slowly;  We lean to each other, 
as our lips press gently together, 
agreeing with the passion and desire.

One kiss leads to the next and the next.
As our hands wonder freely, 
roaming the forbiden regions of perplexity.

Niether of us;  a name we've known.
When first we met;  just an hour ago.
Both, now in need of an ever growing goal.

A hand slips benieth the shelling of cloths,
to feel the warmth of discovery ready to explode.
Sent to the regions of overload.

Brrrriiiinnnnggggg,   Brrrrriiiiiiinnggg
Is that your phone?
Oh crap it's my alarm clock,
I hate dreams, 
that end in Brrriiinnngggg.



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  1. Date: 4/16/2014 7:13:00 AM

    Ha oh my, I love that twist at the end, That was great. Oh you just made my day Patrick. Thanks for that. :)