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The Dream

This life has turned around 
many curves past many 
beautiful places that have 
beckoned me to stop and walk 
among the wild flowers.

I have stopped to walk among 
the wild flowers bending low to 
smell and gaze at their intricate 
colors wondering if there is 
anyone out there that would pull 
me down and explore the 
wonders of this world ?

I look for a woman to complete 
me to bring to my world what I 
can not give.

I dream of a woman that I will 
pour a bath for , light candles 
for that I will wash her back in 
the moon light and ask her to 
dance to the sound of the 

 I dream of a woman I smell on 
the breeze , who's eyes I swim 
in dropping all pretenses on the 
shore. My skin is so soft that a 
baby will coo when she touches 
my chest. 

She would appreciate me not 
for my beauty, but even more 
for the beauty inside my soul.

She has a smile that comes 
from inside and some would say 
rivals the sun. 

She will move with confidence 
and she will look for a man 
whose touch is tender and this 
touch awakens all who meet 
him to the fact that there is love 
in this world.

When ever she is near I will not 
be able to contain myself and 
my body will respond 
automatically pulling her gently 
to me. 

My heart will always want to 
make her smile. Yet she is no 
twig to be broken. 

She is strong and resilient like a 
willow bending but never 
braking in the wind. 

Her sadnesses is deep he knows 
the pain of this world, but her 
joy brightens a room. 

She calls to the man in me to 
love her so deeply, to find every 
way to pleasure her and she 
wants to do the same.

I could hold, kiss , make love to 
her all day and she would beam 
when we stepped outside to go 
for a swim. These are my 
dreams this is the heart I carry. 

I am gentle and I am 
independent but I love oh so 
deeply! Is it you my woman?



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