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Jesus - The Original Zombie


After dying, Jesus was raised from the dead 
once more walked among the living. 
Of course, 
would only be possible if he were a zombie; 
Zombie Jesus is the identity of Jesus 
following the Resurrection. 
In zombie form, 
Jesus retained his unending love for mankind, 
in particular, 
he loved their sweet, delectable brains. 
Many of his followers were surprised when,
 instead of offering God's salvation, 
Zombie Jesus voraciously consumed their faces. 

It is widely believed that Jesus 
the source of most modern-day zombies. 
When he was resurrected, 
Jesus infected his disciples with the blood of the new "Holy Alliance",
thus creating the first wave of a whole new era of zombie mayhem, 
which would spread terror,
This new batch of zombies was later able to develop the Roman Catholic Church, 
after the political elite of the Roman Empire were zombified.
It is widely known that the modern Catholic Church is full of zombies, 
the highest position of authority occupied 
non other by a hive-mind zombie-vampire referred to as the "Pope" .

End of The first Zombie History!



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  1. Date: 4/20/2014 4:27:00 AM

    Impressive write on faith, freddie