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Trapped -Words Of A Rape Victim-

You let me fall so easily, 
For a moment in time, 
I really thought you caught me.
I was flying in your arms, 
But it was all a dream
None was reality. 

I'm trapped in a cage
I'm a monster. 
I have a pathetic smile on my face 
& it's all for nothing, 
There is nothing here to conquer.

You built me up 
Just to break me down
I put all my trust in you.. 
And you threw it all out. 
& for a moment there 
I believed you cared 
The reality is, 
You were never there. 

I'm trapped in this cage
I'm a wild thing.
& it's disappointing that I let you in, 
But it was all for nothing
I just don't understand

It's all so sickening 
I miss when you were fake 
I miss when you were my Ken
It's all so disgusting 
I miss the way you held me 
I miss almost everything

I'm trapped in this place,
there is no escape....
I'm a beast trying to leave.
& it's so ugly how I can put it all away, 
Everything you've done to me. 

I can only project the good memories & the good things.
I erase the abuse 
I erase the rape, 
Pretend me and you were loving each other happily...

I'm trapped in a cage
And there is no way out, 
I'm trapped in this place 
& I wanna know who are you now? 

Who is the guy I thought I loved? 



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