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A Smiling Fault

Happy with anger
Smile; my fault 
Way down it feels 
Weak to the bones
My fault
When I wish; death
Upon myself 

Slight disconnection
With a broken world
The limbo of hell
It's my fault
When I do not smile
Only with it

When all judge 
Freak from a love 
Avoid this heart
Letting be, a man made curse
It's dislike wings bitterness
Destroying a self-esteem
Yet is my fault

Crushed by a lover
Neglected in the process
No life is met
But a distaste in the face
That scowls the quiet voice
With no room to talk
No way of showing
If he cares
A friendship is dared
Burning at end
Yet is my fault

When love in the air
Is not seen by a close dear
Ignored from here
They still won't know
Or just won't care
That my love is still here
When they date
My wishes are said
That they would know
That I'm standing right here
But of course they won't know
Mindless of thee
They will not see
The love that exist in me
And yet
It's my fault

All with death
When sadness arises
All with abuse
When hurt is the problem
All with neglect 
When loneliness cuts this chest
Is all my fault
When I am depressed
When I could have; smiled
In my tragic mess



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