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Written by: Tim Sacks      
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A Haunted Poem

Snakes slither in my veins in lieu of blood.
There is a demon in my eye.
My stomach’s full of stinking mud.
A troll grins gleefully between my thighs.
My fingers form black widow’s legs.
My knees are sculpted from dead men’s skulls.
My toes are those of crows who’ve laid their eggs
Within the cracks of my withered soles.
Upon my shoulders rest two vultures’ nests
Like shambolic, messed epaulets.
A massive ogre sits upon my chest.
He adorns me like a medal on a general’s breast.
I am a tenement
For all the creepy-crawlies 
Beneath the firmament 
And it drive me up the wallies
That none of them pay rent. 



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  1. Date: 4/14/2014 5:12:00 AM

    Amazing imagery and a haunted poem indeed...great write:)