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Simple Suicide

Death is all in the mind
Thinking only of it for sometime
Will things be different or the same
When I am gone under my tame

Knife to use, to let skin flow
Blades from shave, let blood go
Cuts on the arm
Now fades, so don't be alarmed

Cuts on the leg
Look like dark threads
Slits on the wrist
Barely seen, it's a twist

Thinking it was over, how wrong
Hiding in the closet, deaf for long
Here, the face is purple pale
But still breathing well under life's spell

Running to the restroom
Forming the cuts again in my doom
My blood mix's with water
Turning pink, may not utter

Head first; deep
Thinking it will be better in my sleep
Diving in deeper, losing more breath
Knowing I could do it, it was like theft

Coughing up water from the mouth and nose
I quickly get out for my clothes
Sports bra seen
An idea rings

Again with the cold face
But dying wasn't a race
Stopping, for is wasn't too tight
Now I've face no light

Bed time rose
My face and my nose
Both covered by a pillow
I die my good fellow

Yet, it did not close this neck
Trying to find, I am recked
For a new way to end
So I won't have to begin

Choking at school
No one notices me, a fool
With my hands on my neck
Ready to ride hell's deck

Options were limited
And my life was sprited
Trying so hard
But there were no death cards

That's when I see
That this life was meant for me 
Now I waste no air in my fate
And stopped my early expiration date



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  1. Date: 4/16/2014 8:16:00 PM

    Thank goodness it's over. God must have very wonderful plans for your life. Wishing you the best, Love and hugs, Catie :)