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One Night At Dan's Tavern

Low laughter from a corner booth, a smoke filled rendezvous,
It’s quieter now; the hour’s gotten late.
Balls clickin’ on the table, two young men shootin’ pool,
She walks up to the jukebox, plays D 8.

The blue dress she is wearing has seen a better time,
Her golden hair, now traced with hints of gray,
She smiles at the players, “Will someone dance with me?”
They laugh at her and say, “Hey grandma, go away!”

The dimly lighted barroom somewhat hides the shattered look,
She turns away, her sorrow tryin’ to hide,
She tries to look indignant, she walks up to the bar,
Then puts her face down in her hands, and cries.

She doesn’t see him sitting at the far end of the bar,
He watches as she tries to hide her shame,
And though he is no longer young, a spark begins to glow,
And burns in him a fire that fast grows into a flame.

Still like so many gone before, time has taken toll,
And brawn has been replaced with something less,
But he won’t let that stop him, as he walks up to those boys,
 And says, “You should tell the lady that your sorry, don’t you guess?”

Their faces show surprise at first, but then they come to smile,
He warns, “Don’t even think about it son!”
Though it doesn’t matter to them, when they realize all the while,
That it’s only Bill Maguire, the old town drunk.

He holds his own quite well at first, he puts up quite a fight,
He even throws the first one out the door,
But the second one was quicker, and before he turns around,
The kid uses a cue to lay him flat out on the floor.

So dazed for just a while, but when he opens up his eyes,
Her smiling face before him, he does see,
As tears are streaming down she asks, “Why’d ya do it Bill?
Why take a chance dyin’, for someone such as me?”

At first he doesn’t answer, but then he smiles and says,
“In all this time, there something you should know.
You see, I never understood why we went our separate ways,
When you and I were so in love, those twenty years ago.”

So Sara helps him to his feet, and takes him in her arms,
And though their love reunion was quite chance,
They finally look once more into each other’s eyes,
The jukebox plays D8 again,
And they begin to dance.



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  1. Date: 7/24/2014 9:18:00 AM

    Brilliant story from start to finish - loved the ending especially. Hugs Jan xx