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Feeding Time

My breath floats through the dancing beam of my flashlight.
Footsteps, quick and light, mixed with excited panting of the four legged 
Friend beside me. A soft braying greets us from the darkness.

Warm bottle in one hand, I set down the bucket
That smells of sweet molasses to gather
Corn which sounds like rain as it falls into the trough.

Jumping the fence I flip a switch, shedding
Full light on smiling faces for the first time
Today. Happy bleating bounds toward me. 

Pushing through a menagerie of warm bodies, I move 
To deposit the old horse’s breakfast in his oversized bowl and then 
Turn my attention to the lamb who has been at my heels the whole time.

I kneel down stroking her soft wool as she sucks down the formula
Caving in the sides of the pink bottle.
But my attention is in high demand.

The barn cat complains that it is her turn 
And before long a long eared head, the size of my torso,
Is nudging my shoulder...

I walk back in the early morning light.



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