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Owlology 101

Owls belong to one of two different families or classes,
Even though there are more than 216 types in their masses,
The barn owl - 18 different ones, are in a class all by themselves
The remaining 198 are referred to as true owls, including the elf- 

These beautiful creatures are called birds of prey or raptors,
And most of them play the survival role in life, as captors,
Sharp beaks, sharp talons - a “parliament” if in a group together,
They live everywhere on earth, regardless of the weather-

All owls have poor vision looking at something close or near,
But in low light, or at a distance, their vision is exceptionally clear,
Their eyeballs are fixed – they can only focus straight ahead to see,
That’s why their heads can rotate around, a full 270 degrees-

There can be no denying, that an owl hears better than us,
More acute at certain frequencies, the slightest movement on leaves or dust,
Their facial disc acts, not just as a face, but as a radar dish instead,
‘Cause ear openings are behind their eyes and asymmetrically on their head-

Owls are predatory, and usually swoop down upon their prey,
Most are nocturnal - they hunt at night, a few hunt during the day,
Softened edges on their feathers allow them to fly undetected,
Silent killers catching their prey, their presence is unexpected-

Owls make all different kinds of sounds, resonating soft or loud,
It depends on what vocal cords, with which they’ve been endowed,
They hoot, whistle, trill, and some produce a melodic, pretty sound, 
But Barn owls have a raspy screech, and their sounds are quite profound-
The elf owl is the smallest – the size of a small sparrow bird, 
It will take flight to escape a fight, because peace is what it prefers, 
When threatened it plays dead and upon feeling safe, will fly away and GO,
Weighing in at about an ounce and a half, it lives in cacti or a tree hole-

The Blakiston’s fish owl is over ten pounds, the heaviest owl you can find, 
The powerful Great Horned has no predators, except for those of its own kind, 
The  Great Grey is the longest, three feet total in length - that’s tall,
And the Eagle Owl has a wing span over six feet - the widest of them all-

The Snowy Owl in Harry Potter is also called the Ghost Owl, it is totally white,
It stays awake from dawn to dusk, and sleeps throughout the night, 
It makes low pitched hooting sounds that can be heard from six miles away,
And it prefers eating arctic lemmings - anywhere from three to five a day!



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  1. Date: 8/2/2014 2:35:00 AM

    Loved this informative piece, hun!..beautiful rhyme and flow.. Hugs.. Arlene
  1. Date: 8/1/2014 10:33:00 AM

    Fabulous write on owls! Good luck if this is for the contest it is fabulous! Hugs jan xx