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The whirlwind of peace is dead and long gone
At the present time, war and conflict have overtaken all as the future is born
This oceanic wave of chaos is so strong; it’s dragging us deep down its depth
The patriots are dead and gone; the pastors are preaching death
A dead decaying love of a nation is all left in this grave of a country
I trusted in a constitution; that constitution assassinated me without empathy
This family once had an understanding and co-existence
Now, there are absence of many things and presence of many things
We are searching for the essential things but kept on finding the unimportant things
The mountain that sheds salt is no more; there was peace.

The colossal mystery of life has been uncovered; all there is to it is meaningless
A life of no purpose; what then is the purpose of life in itself?
When peace is just another word in the dictionary; terror becomes a legal practitioner
The sins of the children is far greater than the sins of the fathers that befall them
Sodom and Gomorrah is just a shortage of words for the immoral acts of this generation
Morality lost its stand and fell in the mud and it is now used to build mud house
The prodigal abominations of the past found its lost way back into the constitution
The things that are feared to be said are now done and right protected by the law
Who can stop the evil doers now, since only they can stop themselves?
They are the fountain of justice; busy perpetrating injustice.

So enveloped in assorted problems; the nation is lamentably foxy
The giants unlike many years ago appears to be a continental dwarf
We are not safe anywhere; so over treated with ignominy in overseas
More worrisome is the fact that brain drain has become a common case
The brightest and bestest are ignored in the shadow of mediocrity
Trailing behind the footsteps of our leaders; learning continuous immoral legacies
Leading lean; placing a leaning hope on non-lenient leaders
Without blinking any glance of empathy on the suffering masses; looters are looting us
There was but there isn’t now; how can the past allow the present to build the future?
The pains of pain; all we need is a total recovery; let there be peace!!!

										D’ Poetic Beast.												31st August, 2013.



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