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A Letter To Salem

  [ A letter, a Post Graduate medical student wanted to write to the Department from which he had to discontinue the course due to their harassment]

I am a normal person disguised as a fool,
 an underachiever, poor, an idiot and many.
 It is told so that these are expected from you,
 when you join as a starter. 
I am but not a normal person. 
I may appear physically weak, 
but not an idiot or any that I am pretending to be.
 I see people, I know what they think. 
Even though I may appear physically weak,
 I can outweigh any of them in strength, yes physical strength. 
I can punish, torment or torture and even kill them,
 just as the one who can deal with a mad dog in a cage. 
Those who know me knows that. Yes, for me, they are just in a cage.
I didn't want to do any harm to anyone. 
I was just aiming to complete my course. 
I knew I had a brilliant future in the course I took.
 I am an artist, having great imagination.. every thing,
 every case, be it injury or anything that is in front of me,
 is just a painting with some colours faded.
 I only need to reapply the colours. 
This course its that simple to me.
 Then why did I disguise? 
Because I didn't want to be the one,
 who has to deal with the mad dogs. 
Yes, because I didn't want to be the one over and over again.
 I was fed up being the one dealing.
 I didn't want to any more,
 I didn't want to play my tricks.
 And so I disguised.
 I gave them respect,
 even the ones that I didn't give my father.
 And when I bowed before them they thought,
 I shall always remain crushed below their heels. 
I was desperate to finish the course.
 When I joined I was very happy. 
I had only dreamed of getting this course, 
and never imagined I would get this in reality,
 but I got. 
I wanted to fix injuries and dreamed of doing surgeries. 
I wanted to help those in need, 
I wanted to help those poor,
 I wanted to sponsor many orphans 
and there were so many dreams.
 They shattered each and everyone. 
The ones who were supposedly qualified,
 seemed to me as total wastes,
 idiots without having the skills I have seen. 
They think wearing nice polished formal shoes,
 or ironed dresses and clean lab-coats,
 may hide their truth about their true skills.
 They pretended in many ways,
 but their masks are transparent. 
Now I have lost everything.
should I become the one dealing with the mad dog? 
I don't know...
I am thinking,
 I have ample time.
©Anees Rahman



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  1. Date: 4/16/2014 9:13:00 AM

    A sadening narative poem of the unfairness of acamedicians in positions against those they are prejudiced against for some reasons. A powerful great poem. So nice how u rhymed injuries with surgeries. Pls review my latest poem too.