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In Bondage

In Bondage 
by Jolayne Miller

In bondage with the lost souls of those who sail endlessly upon the waters of the spirit realm, 
Seeking knowledge amidst the dusky shadows of those who dare venture out and walk upon the forbidden paths,
 Abandoned and forgotten, with but a memoir of which once was that of a mortal world, 
Buried beneath a corridor of gloom and imprisoned with the fictitious enigmas of one’s own self-made-madness,
Ye loots thee with that of one with thoughtless thirst, unyielding plea of fading, and the plagues of self-loathing.

In paradise amongst all who are enlightened

Open thy passage to veracity,
Absorb thee in thou springs of self-resistance,
Awaken thee to the shrewd beliefs of thy mind's own eye,
Unearth thee with thou knowledge,
And sanction thy existence to be awaken.
Evoke thy name within thou spirits.

Then ye will know thou reverence,
and be blessed with the heavens thou perceives.



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