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The Adversaries of the Wicked Past

I didn’t mean to interrupt you,
But I must leave you for a while
I didn’t mean to alarm you in any way possible,
But…I’ll be back – I’m not a deleted file 

The walls are haunting me…
Intimidating me…
The pictures are bringing me back bittersweet memories
Tainted miseries…
The floors are soon to be
Full of dust, dirt and dust bunnies
The sky’s skillfully shelters the Earth’s inhabitants 
The ocean…and its mesmerizing motion
Grazes playfully above disconsolate clouds
The hills and mountains
Brings me higher in happy states
It uplifts the blue and the morose things 
My brain spins faster than the Earth’s axis
And I finally flee…
From the chaos that tries to attack me
I don’t want to cause corruption in this
World of Woe
Don’t subside from the truth
That sets us free from the snare
Run faster than that silly hare

I won’t give in to enrapturing rue
But I mustn’t break the boundaries
Or be stuck in between…
I missed out and I haven’t a clue
What you’ve gone through,
Forget about 
The adversaries of the wicked past
They stepped foot in my mind’s eye
They lie about everything that comes to pass; they try to bring them below their feet
They cry out for your whole being…they’re left incomplete
Bu, you’re a different story
A future full of glory

Dismiss the depression wars
Devour the adversaries, always wanting more and more and more
The demons will keep exploring 
The land of squandering quarrels
You, on the other hand, must discover
The peace-abiding angels that have more in store
They whisper in our ears:
“Don’t look back in the perilous past, 
Move forward into the unknown future,
Cast away the sorrows of yesterday
And hope for a triumphant tomorrow!”



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