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SINS, The Forgotten Ones

What does it mean, to obey the LORD?
Most have never, given it thought,
Ever now and then, it comes to mind,
When you fail, more’an likely distraught,

What’s important is what’s forgot,
Daily habits, not thinkin’ about,
One’s that are sin, they do matter,
Ask yourself, will GOD blot’em out?

What’s the reason, maybe you’re thinkin’?
What’s the cure, this habit I got?
How’d it start, was I persuaded?
Or did I think, it mattered not?

I’m not immune, perfect I’m not,
I had sin, I thought nothing about,
Most all do it, if you drive a car,
Do you think not, I have my doubt!

Obey laws, that was my focus,
Defiance is, a natural state,
My nemesis was, ever present,
Black marks were, covering my slate.

I’m doin’ better, but not pristine,
Obeying laws, I do it for Him,
Pleasing God, is what it’s about,
I belong to the LORD, carpe diem.



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