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I walk in the cathedral, its vast space
is  quiet is like the immense silence
of a  deep and gentle snow storm.
light through the stain glass windows glorifies
the sense of peace.

In the distance a book is dropped
the flat echo sounds far and small.
I hear the shuffle of people
in another nave of this place,
they talk one to another
In booming sibilants that make no sense, but echo.

An old woman prays in the pew near me,
We are so very far from the chancellery,
She flashes me looks of scorn.
I feel she knows I don't pray
and has seen I did not genuflect.

High up  amongst polished rose wood 
I hear slight noises echo as a man
moves papers that he carries.
Very softly, a low sweet sound fills this place
I feel joy and I am full of tears.

The sound stops. silence rings like crystal,
to be fractured by the opening thunder
of the Bach D minor toccata and fugue, 
which fills this place and me with sound. 
Then I am crying and desolate.
because  it is quiet again.

If a place like this can exist does it mean that there is a god.



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  1. Date: 4/16/2014 3:08:00 AM

    A wonderful poem! Divine and great to read. So many tings make us sense God's presence. Nice to read u again!